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... Introduction ...
Welcome to the LJ community to the relationship of Satoshi/Ash and Haruka/May, also known as Advanceshipping or AAMayl. All fans, please feel free to join and post all things SatoHaru related.

... Rules ...

1) No bashing of other characters or shippings in Pokemon. I'd rather rival pairings not even be mentioned in this community as not to start any wars.

2) Please post things Ash, May and Ash/May related here. You may also post some Pokemon(anime/game/manga) related things, but please keep other characters/pairs to a minimum.

3) Fanart, fanfics, drabbles, avatars, AMVs, anything of this shipping are highly needed!

4) Please put all content in a LJ cut.

5) Mature content is allowed, but please put it under an LJ cut with extra warnings. (bolding, or red text, +18 or 'not worksafe')

6) Introductory posts are okay, in fact, they're great! Introduce yourselves, even if it's just to say hi or that you support SatoHaru. The more posts the merrier.

7) I'm a neat freak, so whenever a post is made, be sure to tag it too! That includes you affiliaters!

If all these rules are followed, I'm sure we will all get along fine. =)

... Affiliates ...


Put a post up anytime if you would like to affiliate! (Don't forget to tag the entry too...)

... Links ...

Here are some useful Advanceshipping related links. If you know some more, feel free to post and remind me to put them up here.

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