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Taku ♫ [userpic]
by Taku ♫ (otaku_attack)
at December 12th, 2008 (05:47 pm)

mood: accomplished

Hey there community. It's been kind of quiet lately, but since I have a new Advanceshipping fic, I figured "why not?" so here I am advertising it.

Title: The Shadow King
Genre: Adventure/Romance
Rated: T
Notes/Warnings: Sequel to "The Darkness Within", so I suggest reading that first. (Which, I did advertise this story a while back ago when I first joined) Also, the story's just a little dark as well as some abuse of language.
Summary: Despite all the hard effort and the things gained and lost in the struggle, there are still battles to be fought as the lurking shadows threaten to take over and destroy the happiness they have achieved. Not all of the king is gone, as Ash will soon discover.

Here at FFN for those interested